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Rapadant Networks



  • You are making a purchase not a donation, a donation is giving your money to something with no return for it other then being generous. When you send money to us you are making a purchase for a digital in game item. You are not buying anything physically made nor are you giving your money to a charity organization.

  • Read the description of the item before purchase as some items have certain key points that you will need to know.

  • Charging back will not only result in your packages immediate removal from you but may also result in possible banning from our servers. If there is a problem with a package speak to staff about resolving the issue. You may also have the package exchanged for Rapadant Networks Credits to be used on other items you may be interested in.


Your donations go towards several things, these things include:


We do not offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one, as in; If we, the owners, or the service make a mistake we will refund you based upon a decision made there and then. Otherwise refunds are not a thing we can provide. The moment your purchases are made it is already spent on the server, running a server can be expensive and while we try to keep costs low we still depend on your purchases. If however an issue does occurs we can remove the broken package from you and instead give you its value in credits to be used in the Rapadant Networks store.


We do not allow for our content to be used on other sites, communities or services. Users may not use images, 3D Models, code, game files, or any other form of asset found on Rapadant Networks. Users found in violation of this will have their account suspended at Rapadant Networks and no refunds will be offered to anybody who has been suspended. There will be no appeals approved until violating content issues have been resolved with the Executive Admin Team or the Founder of Rapadant Networks.

In Addition to the suspension of service at Rapadant Networks, We will also issue a DMCA notice to have the content removed.


  • Abuse of purchased items in-game can be a cause for those purchased items to be revoked with no refund. This includes minging around with your weapon repeatedly and intentionally trying to ruin the game for others. This also includes things added to custom classes and jobs.

  • If you purchase a custom class, regiment, Jedi, or any donation related items and are deemed in-active, it has a chance of being taken out and not being added back in.

  • You are still subject to all the same rules as everybody else, even as a Commander, Jedi or STAFF.

  • The things you are spending money on are extras in game, if they pose an issue to the server we may remove them but will try to fix them first.

  • At any time items may be taken off the store for any reason we choose. We will try to make sure all players keep their purchases however new purchases for those removed items will cease. If for any reason you have a missing item notify us within 1 week via support ticket on the store page.