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Rapadant Networks

Privacy Policy

  • Rapadant Networks(refered to as 'We' from this point on) does not disclose, sell or share user data with 3rd parties, individule users, internally or with any government agencies.

  • We do not store any form of passwords or email addresses in our database or files. We do however keep records of purchases made via paypal for tax purposes.

  • GDPR and Data Disposal

  • Users at any time may request their purchase info removed from our database. This will however include all donation records stored in our database meaning the user will have any donation items and credits removed from them permenantly. This applies both to users in the EU aswell as any other nation. We allow this for all users as we believe they have every right to such a request.

  • We will however not expunge data regarding user bans. This is to prevent abuse of our services and attempting to bypass a ban through data disposal.

  • Users may also request their data(if there is any stored in our database), we will review it for information that could be used to reverse engineer our database structure or gain private information on other users or systems of Rapadant Networks. Review can take up to 3 days or less depending on how busy the Executive Admin Team is. If your request exceeds more than 3 days do not worry, your request will be looked at. The delay is not a indicator that you have been ignored or overlooked.

  • Data Requests and Law Enforcement

  • At any point that there is a legal incident with US law enforcement We will hand over any relevent data requested to authorized agents. We will not disclose information regarding data requests unless it is deamed appropriate by a Executive Administrator(with unanimous approval) or the Founder of Rapadant Networks.