Rapadant Networks

Brief Overview

Rapadant Networks is always striving to bring entertainment in the form of gaming to as many people as possible. We aim not only to provide a fun environment but also provide the best and top of the line things players will want regardless of what game it is for. We are ever expanding and unrelenting in our quest to be the best out there. Please enjoy your stay on our servers, playing the games we create or using our software we create and remember the most important thing is that your having fun!

Our Game Servers


Our CWRP server is our current main project. We have alot to offer on this server that you will definitely enjoy!


Our DarkRP is currently still under construction and has things open for you to see however not much is currently done on it.


We have a MMO Server you can enjoy which is of the amazing game Cabal Online. We also have a section of the site being constructed specifically for it aswell as a section in our discord server. After downloading the game simply run the sart.bat file to play the game. The launcher will be fixed soon! Please note that as of 2020 this server is TEMPORARILY closed until 2021 as we are planning something very big for the community and all future servers and online games. Feel free to join our discord for the time being.

[RN] Minecraft

We currently have a minecraft server up and running on 1.15.2, feel free to join. We currently have things still being added and setup aswell as many new ideas on the way both for the current version and planned for the 1.16 update release. Feel free to hop in our discord btw if you want to chat in voice while on the server.


Our Discord is used as a means of communication between our users to give announcements and updates about our content.

[RH]Rapadant Hosting

Rapadant Hosting aims to provide not only the hardware you need to run your favorite online services such as games and websites but also aims to provide and support your software needs aswell. We currently also offer certain products for use on Garry's Mod servers and plan to expand to other products for games such as minecraft.

[RN]SCP: Secret Laboratory

Rapadant Networks | SCP:Secret Lab Server. Not online 24/7 but sometimes when a few people are interested in a few matches we'll turn it on for a bit.

Upcoming Game

Currently there are plans at Rapadant Networks to create a new game which will be on Steam. It is going to be announced later in the future when production is more refined