Rapadant Networks

Brief Overview

Rapadant Networks is always striving to bring entertainment in the form of gaming to as many people as possible. We aim not only to provide a fun environment but also provide the best and top of the line things players will want regardless of what game it is for. We are ever expanding and unrelenting in our quest to be the best out there. Please enjoy your stay on our servers, playing the games we create or using our software we create and remember the most important thing is that your having fun!

Our Game Servers


Our CWRP server is our current main project. We have alot to offer on this server that you will definitely enjoy!


Our DarkRP is currently still under construction and has things open for you to see however not much is currently done on it.


We have a Teamspeak server that we use for our serious RP servers to ensure the best quality voice during events.

[RN]The Old Republic

Our Old Republic server is currently under construction.


Our Discord is used as a means of communication between our users to give announcements and updates about our content.

[RH]Rapadant Hosting