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[RN]Recruitment and Expansion
Rapadant Networks is currently looking to expand grow and establish itself. We are currently looking for new players and server staff alike to help enjoy and have a fun time and to keep that fun going. To do this we need both staff and players. 
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  • What do we offer that many servers may not for players?

Well, we strive to always improve what we already have, we aim to be here as long as possible to provide as much fun as possible to our players, we are constantly looking for new stuff to have our players enjoy, we plan to build servers in other games aswell for our players to enjoy which will mean other games you enjoy we will have servers for you there to play on and have fun in. We also are not going to disappear over night. Any problem we encounter we will make sure that it is removed and solved as quickly as possible.

  • What do we currently do?

Currently, we have 2 servers. We have a DarkRP server and a ClonewarsRP server. Our DarkRP server is currently in development still at 60% complete but is up and running for anybody who wishes to join and have fun. It has TFA REDUX Weapons, soon it will also have TDM cars, it has a few standard jobs which will be getting more suitable models soon, we have PAC3 on the server however it is currently restricted to prevent abuse until we can get things properly working and remove any abusable stuff from it and make it where its safe to be widely used. For example some PACs can actually kill players or crash games. The DarkRP also will be on a much more spread out map meaning cars have a much more useful purpose now, and later on we will be using a custom built map which will be being made in house for the community to enjoy (feel free to add any suggestions to be added into the map later on)

Our ClonewarsRP also is using TFA REDUX weapons aswell, it also is using a wide variety of models meaning you have a diverse amount of opportunities in regiments to choose from aswell as classes within them. We also have a wide assortment of other weapons aswell for jobs. Another thing to mention is many more things added to our server which you normally wouldn't see on a Clonewars server including various weapons which may not necessarily be SW related but fit well with the lore despite that and provides a nice added touch to things. We are working on something to make in game cash actually worth having which means there will be stuff you can use in game money for. We are also planning to have a custom main map built for this server aswell, and will be having a new event map added aswell after that. we will also be having a crafting system for weapons added soon, we don't have an estimate on how long but we will definitely be getting it put in. Lastly to mention we are always working on speeding up download time meaning you will spend less time in a loading screen and more time playing the game. this means you won't have to wait 30 mins just to play a server. 

  • What do we plan to do?

We plan to host several new servers in other gamemodes, one such example being a Zombie survival server, another one being a Jedi VS Sith server, Military RP, and likely more as we grow. In other games we plan to host servers in games such as ARMA 3, Rust, 7 Days to Die, and more as time goes on. You can always suggest more game servers and put up a poll somewhere for the community to decide on if we want it or not and we will try adding it to our list to make for you all you enjoy. We also plan on having several systems made specifically for our community servers for you all to have fun with using on server.

We are also going to be putting in place a way to prevent those who would try and ruin this community from being able to. How it works is, you can use a family shared account on server and not be banned for it, but if your main account is banned then any new ones that attempt to use family share to come back on will immediately be kicked from the server. this will make family share abuse impossible without hurting those who are using family share to play but are not breaking rules. We also will be putting in a method to prevent people from attempting to buy a new copy of the game on a fresh account to get around the family share blocking. This means staff will have a much easier job and not have to worry about people using an alt account. This also means that players do not need to worry about people intentionally coming just to cause trouble. This system will be done in almost all of our servers, not just the ones on gmod alone but others aswell. 

We are also planning to bring new gamemodes to gmod aswell that players may also like to enjoy. Hopefully they take off and become something big that people enjoy. You can always suggest to us something if you have an idea. We may also be working on a think tank program aswell to try and further build up what we have and come up with new things. The think tank will be open to anybody interested to participate. More details will be given later.

  • What do we want to see in our community?

We want to see our community having fun and having a great time on our servers and meeting new players all the time to have fun with. Be you in Europe, South America, Asia, Australia or what have you we are aiming to provide a community for everyone to enjoy. We are always trying to strive so that that community is enjoyable aswell for everyone. We aim to make sure that the community stays non-toxic and free of negativity of life. We want you to have fun, not worry about somebody causing any sort of emotional distress or bothering you. Thats why such actions will be dealt with on site and swiftly.

You will not need to worry about people abusing things in game either, abuse of any bug will also result in any gains being reversed or heavily reduced. If you find a bug such as this for example that gives you 10 mil in game cash or allows somebody to give themselves weapons and report it to us immediately you may find yourself rewarded for such actions. Its great when a player is willing to help make the game much better and fair for everyone else and themselves.


We have said alot about what our community offers its players and what it plans to offer in the future to them. For those who are looking for a community to call home we will gladly make sure you have a wonderful place in our community and that you find a great place to have fun here. If you feel like you'd like to help improve this community and help be a part of the team that helps provide such a community then feel free to apply for either staff, event planners, or trainers. each one of these roles is essential and do their own part to help keep the server going. not all servers will have each role however but each server will be in need of somebody doing something to make it enjoyable. We hope to see all those who wish to be a part of this community very soon.


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